Walks and bike rides around EAST and SOUTH-EAST LONDON.


London is the FIRST CITY that has been charged with the organization of the OLYMPIC GAMES of the modern era THREE TIMES.

The 1908 OLYMPICS were celebrated in WHITE CITY. Not much can bee seen nowadays from those games, but there is some lasting legacy: as the Prince of Wales desired to see comfortably the start and the finish of the MARATHON, the distance between both points - in WINDSOR CASTLE and the ROYAL BOX at the WHITE CITY STADIUM- became rthe STANDARD distance of the modern marathon run, from then on: 26 miles 385 yards.

The 1948 OLYMPICS were the AUSTERITY GAMES. The asthletes stayed in military barracks, and rationing was still on... Food packages were sent from the old DOMINIONS... And, in order to recap the investment, even the hurdles were sold afeterwards (to Argentina!).

The 2012 OLYMPIS will be knows as te LEGACY GAMES (and maybe, as well, the AUSTERITY ONES, again!).